Get Registered

If you are new to the system, you will first need to obtain an account. Getting an Account is covered the the previous topic under the title of "Registration". (Users go to the top right of login page and complete the form.)

Getting to Help and Quick Tour

Once you have an Account and can login, take advantage of the quick mini-tour to get familiar with the screen layouts.

You can re-activate the tour at any time by clicking on the tour link as shown below.

tour button




Help as You Go / On Demand

In addition, several functions, such as those along the right side of the screen, have pop-up help. These popups will have links to the video files as well.

Once you have mastered a technic, click the "Got it, don't show anymore" to prevent the pop up in the future. (Also, popups can be Enabled or Disabled using the dropdown under your login name in the upper right corner.)

video links 


The Basics at a High Level 

The basics